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Top 10 Reasons to Archive Information with Symantec Enterprise Vault™ 10

1. Archive everywhere.

Store, manage, and discover electronic information scattered across a broad range of content sources  (including Microsoft®Exchange, Lotus Notes®, Microsoft SharePoint®, file systems, structured content repositories as well as social media and corporate websites) using Symantec Enterprise Vault™ 10. Enterprise Vault simplifies information management, enforces retention and deletion policies, and allows for timely search and retrieval of relevant information for search and eDiscovery needs. Archiving with Enterprise Vault is the cornerstone of an efficient, repeatable, and defensible discovery process.

2. Add context and relevance to archived message content.

With the Enterprise Vault 10 new Data Classification Services,Microsoft Exchange email content and metadata can be analyzed to help determine the specific archiving and retention strategy for that particular message. Classification tags can also be assigned to flag messages for eDiscovery or supervisory review.


3. Accelerate Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP1 migrations

Symantec is the largest archiving vendor committed to enabling the move to Exchange Server 2010 SP1. Move older items out of Exchange and into Enterprise Vault to reduce the size of Exchange message stores by up to 90 percent. The reduction in the size of each message store allows you to move email to Exchange 2010 SP1 much faster, providing a reduction in the cost and time required for the migration process.


4. Automated PST/NSF collection, archiving, and management

Migrate Microsoft PST or Lotus Domino® NSF files, andoptionally eliminate PST files now andforever! Detect, collect, and centralize PST/NSF files in the archive without relying on users to do it, and apply deduplication, retention, and expiry policies to all PST or NSF data. Legacy data is accessible to users via the original folder structure and Microsoft Outlook® search.


5. Reduce backup burdens and streamline recovery.

Archiving content prior to backup further reduces backup windows by eliminating redundant and infrequently accessed data.Reducing the volume of active content via archiving also means less data to restore.


6. Simplify search and eDiscovery.

Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator and the Clearwell™ eDiscovery Platform work together to cull reviewable data volumes by over 90 percent. Through targeted collection, legal hold, advanced filtering and transparent search capabilities, the universe of responsive electronic data is reduced to a manageable size—saving budget, diminishing risk, and creating a repeatable and defensible process.

7. Discover everywhere.

The Clearwell eDiscovery Platform is extremely intuitive and user-friendly, providing a means for İndepth collection, analysis, and deduplication of information beyond the archive. Coupled with Enterprise Vault, customers are provided with an end-to-end eDiscovery solution, gaining clear visibility into unstructured data residing within sources such as unarchived file stores and desktop and laptop computers, allowing for precise control from identification and collection through production.

8. Seamless user experience.

Enterprise Vault is designed to be a seamless extension to users’ existing tools (Outlook, Notes,SharePoint, etc.), giving visible access to archived information anytime, anywhere—including on mobile devices.

9. Optimize storage footprint across storage tiers.

The Enterprise Vault online archive enables organizations to rationalize their storage resources and dedicate primary storage to dynamic and transactional data. Older, less frequently accessed content  is moved to and is easily accessible on secondary storage tiers. For long-term retention, content can be moved to tape, disk, or to Nirvanix™ cloud storage.

10. Flexible deployment models to suit your information infrastructure.

Symantec is archiving and eDiscovery, providing customers with on-premise, hybrid, and cloud-based deployment options based on infrastructure and business requirements.

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