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How many items archived per mailbox for specified date

You can use the below script to find to daily(or between dates) archived items in a mailbox.

Run it on your Vault Store DB. (You can change getdate()-14 to any number to change date range.)

select ArchiveName,count(*) as ‘ItemsArchived’ from enterprisevaultdirectory.dbo.root,enterprisevaultdirectory.dbo.archive ,archivepoint ,saveset where archiveddate >getdate()-14 and saveset.archivepointidentity = archivepoint.archivepointidentity and enterprisevaultdirectory.dbo.root.vaultentryid = archivepoint.archivepointid and enterprisevaultdirectory.dbo.root.rootidentity=enterprisevaultdirectory.dbo.archive.rootidentity group by archivename order by archivename desc

If you need  to get archive counts for a specified date just change below line

archiveddate = 2012-02-19 18:00:53.387 and


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