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How-To: Remotely Wipe an iPhone Using Exchange

The thought of your iPhone or iPod touch falling into the wrong hands is enough to scare anyone. The iPhone does have the passcode function to keep prying eyes out, but what if that’s not enough? In a corporate environment, the loss of a device like this is a major ordeal. Apple has touted the [...]

10 Nisan 2012 at 16:32 - Comments

Exchange Server 2010 : Manage Access for Mobile Devices (part 1) – Configure Mobile Device Connectivity

Exchange comes out of the box with features that  allow you to connect mobile devices to compose and read messages and  other items. The technology that Exchange uses for mobile device access  is called ActiveSync. ActiveSync is based on HTTP and is designed for  Internet-based connections. The following types of items can be accessed with [...]

6 Nisan 2012 at 13:20 - Comments

A script to troubleshoot issues with Exchange ActiveSync

The Exchange support team relatively frequently receives cases where mobile devices using Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) protocol send too many requests to Exchange server resulting in a situation where server runs out of resources, effectively causing a ‘denial of service’ (DOS) attack. The worst outcome of such a situation is that the server also becomes unavailable [...]

16 Şubat 2012 at 22:20 - Comments